Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guest Blog: Vince's Quiz.

Today we have a guest blog from Vince, the proprietor of Vince's Quiz. He's a man of few words, so let's get right to it. Leave your guesses in the comments. And, if you want to try for the extra credit, you can guess why he chose these nine in particular. Answers to follow in a couple of weeks, or sooner if there are a lot of guesses. Good luck!

Who are these actors ? / Qui sont ces acteurs ?











Fred said...

I knew #1 was HAL 9000, but I'll admit I had to look up that the actor who voiced it was Douglas Rain.

I think #2 could be Marlon Brando, but I'm not sure. I'm much more sure about #6, which is Uma Thurman. And is #7 Harvey Keitel?

Vince said...

Just 1 comment ??? What happens ?... But a standing ovation for Fred who deserves it !

Desuko. said...

Welcome to life on my blog, Vince!

And Fred does deserve an ovation, not just for getting four of the nine correct, but also for being a loyal reader from the beginning.

Answers coming tomorrow!

Vince said...

Can you wait for 1 or 2 days more before the answers, please Des'. I try to send a few friens of mine. Thanks!

Desuko. said...

No problem. The answers are rescheduled for Friday!

sevysuperstar said...

#9 may be John Goodman, #3 may be Humphrey Bogart.

Patrick said...

#4 - Cary Grant ?

Desuko. said...

Correct on #4 and #9 -- #3, try again...

Fred said...

I'm genuinely amazed I got that many correct. Though it's funny -- as the others have been revealed, I look again at the photo and think, of course!

A very interesting quiz!

Emilie said...

6 is uma thurman