Friday, June 20, 2008

The Creeping Terror (1964).

The Scoop:
This is what happens when people with no technical skills, no talent and no money try to make a movie -- bad acting, bad writing, bad direction, voice-over narration in place of dialogue and a monster made out of shag carpeting.

There's something about an alien invasion. The victims don't get eaten so much as they climb into the monster's mouth. All the law enforcement officials and army officers are called by their first names. Vic Savage (who also directed), Shannon O'Neil and William Thourlby don't so much "star" in the movie as they just walk around in front of the camera. Do you really want to know more?

A true endurance test.

Best Bit:
The scientist trips and falls on his face as he runs to his truck.

Side Note:
The reason for the narration is that early on in shooting (on location at Lake Tahoe, California) the director/star Vic Savage accidentally knocked his sound equipment into the lake and couldn't afford to replace it. So, he recorded the narration himself in a studio during post-production. The ironic thing is, none of the scenes actually take place anywhere near the water.

Companion Viewing:
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Monster Shack.

Take a Look:

Now that you've had a taste, see if you can stand a little more. (Dig that song!):

A look inside the aliens' spaceship:

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